There are 1,216 cities in the state of Texas (as of 2015) and there's no way anyone can pronounce every single one correctly. If you think you can, prove it and email me at

But for us normal humans in Texas, a lot of these town names can't be spelled out phonetically. I mean, even comparing how we speak in East Texas to those in West Texas is something the Texas State Historical Association studies. But we can all agree on one thing - too many locals get these specific Texas cities wrong - so we thought it'd be funny to ask our radio friends in Utica, New York to pronounce the very same names.

All I can say is that there must be a lot of meat shops in Utica because they butchered these words! Thanks to the entire air staff who grin and beared it. They did get some of them!

Here's the list of words along with the RIGHT pronunciations according to the Texas Almanac.

  • Palestine - Pal-e-STEEN
  • Manor - MAY-ner
  • Mexia - Muh-Hay-uh
  • Refugio - Re-FURY-oh
  • Gruene - GrEEn
  • Miami - Miami... lol
  • New Braunfels - New BRAWN-fells
  • Bedias - BEE-dis
  • Bexar - Bear
  • Nacogdoches - Knock-uh-doe-chis
  • Humble - Um-bull

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