A couple of weeks ago you may remember me posting a story about the Nebraska Cornhuskers allowing a 7-year-old cancer patient score on a 69-yard touchdown run. The East Carolina football team had a similar heart-warming moment during their spring game this weekend.

I just can't get enough of stories like this ...

Noah Roberts is an 8-year-old who was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis in 2010. Noah has already had two tumors removed from his brain and spinal cord, but more have developed. Some of them are in places that can be operated on, but at least one is not.

Noah and his family were set to head to Washington, DC on Sunday (4/21) to discuss with doctors on treatment options. When the members of the East Carolina football team heard that Noah was going to be at their spring game on Saturday (4/20), they decided to give him a special treat.

I love how the one member of the opposing team dove as if he was really trying to tackle Noah just before he crossed the goal line.

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