YIKES! We are 14 days away from the 2020 General Election. Have you early voted yet?

Let's start off this quick discussion with the basics, if you want to verify that you are registered to vote, click this link on the Texas Secretary of State website.

As of Oct. 19, counted by the Secretary of State. That is a return level of nearly 25% of Smith County's registered voters. 30,0975 people have already voted in Smith County, compared to only 5,470 who have already voted by mail.

This Monday, I finally got to "get out my vote". After I left my voting location, I felt like a superhero!

If you go to Google and type in the search bar "smith county ballot drop off", it will pull up a spot where you can enter your address and find the closest drop box location nearest you.

screenshot via Google.com
screenshot via Google.com

I was just about to recommend you try this option if you haven't yet mailed in your ballot or voted in person, but when I entered my home address, unfortunately, it didn't have any information listed. Bummer.

If you want info on:

  • Mail-In Ballot Information...
  • How to Register to Vote in Person
  • Update your voter info...
  • Find an Early Voting and/or Election Day polling location...
  • Look up General Election Statistics from Voter Ballot Returns after Election Day...

The best source for this info is the Smith County government website. If you feel like being a snoop, click this link and you can see everyone in Smith County who has already voted by date.

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