October is a fun time of year, mainly because of Halloween. As happens close to Halloween, ghost stories start spreading like wildfire set by a red-faced demon.

We have all watched at least one of those ghost investigation shows at some point. Let's get right to it - those are mostly fluff and can be very unbelievable.

I, for one, am not the biggest believer in ghosts or hauntings or anything of that nature but I was very curious to see how this works. I went in with a very open mind.

We tagged along with Wood County Watchers in downtown Mineola recently as they investigated the Mineola Chamber of Commerce based on a few tips from locals.

It was interesting to see what tools they use to communicate with the spirits. It was a bit freaky to hear these ladies ask questions, and through their tools, get a response. The questions were mostly yes or no questions as the spirits would cross the copper rods for a yes answer or move them apart for a no answer.

Another device could pick up a spoken answer, which did happen a couple of times - you can sometimes hear it clear as day.

I did try it for myself but couldn't get a response. But Shawn Knight with another of our stations, Hot 107.3 Jamz, was able to get a couple of answers. You see him sit straight up after he gets his first answer.

We went upstairs and did get some more activity - one of which was allegedly a child spirit. We did the copper rods, white noise voice box and checked out the cameras that were installed earlier by the paranormal investigation team.

Some of that activity was in the form of orbs. You can see it in the video but we'll say this here - we witnessed everything they did. None of this was touched up or manipulated.

Rachel, who is always taking photos has a rule of three. She takes three photos whenever she takes one just to make sure what they captured was indeed real. They also go on to explain how you can differentiate between dust, glare and these orbs.

Orbs supposedly are spirits that can only be picked up with a camera. These orbs were very well defined and one they caught appeared to have some facial features.

All in all, did it make me a believer? No.

Was any of it fake? No.

I will say it has piqued my curiosity even more. We actually went on another, more intense investigation here in Tyler with this group and will have video and perspective of our experience coming up next!

You can check out their YouTube for more eerie videos like the one video. They do a lot of explaining, which is why we like working with them. It's not fluff and frills - just their experience.

Happy Halloween!

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