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In this edition of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show Daily News cast we learn quite a bit about what is going on inside the homes of the cast members.

Since they're stuck at home doing the quarantining thing still, the cast of the show gives us a daily look at their lives through a newscast. Today, Producer Nick has an idea for a 'wacky' radio bit and his idea about what to do during the interview with Dr. Oz on Monday has some rolling in laughter because they believe it'll be funny, while others don't want any part of it! Guess who that is!

Ana reveals that she has a rather alarming singing voice. One that apparently can set off alarms and will even call her boyfriend while he's at work. Part Time Justin reveals his plans for the day are realizes that his life has gone full circle as he makes this emotional announcement.

Plus, J-Si didn't realize that doing this one thing in his neighborhood was a thing until it was too late and now the competition is on! Producer Trey is left wondering where all the space went and Kellie ends up laying out her entire day.

Listen to "KKMS News Update- A Bit And A Bit Killer" on Spreaker.Listen to "KKMS News Update- Shameful Yard" on Spreaker.

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