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It doesn't matter where the show is, if someone thinks up something to do there's one cast member that'll go and do that one thing.

Happening at the same time that the cast is broadcasting live from for the 'Family Vacation', there is a convention going on at the same time. in the lobby outside of the broadcast room, there was a bunch of suits, so J-Si tells Part Time Justin to try the 'Can I Get A Ohh Yeah...' Tik Tok challenge so he does. The reaction from the suits is priceless.

After going on a wave runner excursion, J-Si and Justin were relaxing at the pool and J-Si challenges Justin to do the Tik Tok challenge again because the audience is much different and younger poolside. When Justin does it, J-Si is no where to be found because he's relaxing with a massage. Justin goes through with it without him.

J-Si admits that while getting a massage and navigating through the process, he was following Big Al's lead all the way! From the dry sauna, to the steam sauna, to the cool pool and hot pool. The cast also talks about their other excursion of the day a trip to an awesome museum.

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