So the cast of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show has killed it all week with their quarantine parody songs, but how will the producers of the show do?

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Today the cast was back in their homes for the show, but someone had to be back in the studio to get them on the air and since it was the producers who came up with the quarantine parody song challenge and they were the ones in the studio, the cast members challenged them to be a part of the bit too!

So the prize wheel was brought out along with the bag of songs and here's who had to sing what to which song. Producer Trey had to write a parody song to BTS's 'Dynamite' about wearing sweat pants all day. Producer Nick had to sing about virtual meetings and Zoom to Maroon 5's 'Sugar'. Finally, the guy in charge, executive producer White Cheddar was singing about teh potential ban on Tik Tok to Cardi B's 'WAP'.

Watch the producers give it their all in their parody videos below and then let us know which one you thought was the best.

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