If you've ever had a dog (and maybe a cat) you know they love treats!  It's funny to see how each of them react to receiving a treat.  I've got a 2 year old border collie mix at home and she is full of energy, not a moment goes by that she's trying to play, chase you or bark at someone outside! One of her favorite things in the world is treat time! Whether it's a 'just because' treat or a treat after completing a task of some kind during training, she loves her treats. We give her two kinds, one of them is a biscuit type treat and the other is a Dentastix. All you have to do is say the word 'Dentastix' and she goes nuts. She'll run towards the garage door and wait for you to come back with her treat, it's the cutest thing and when you come back she's ready to do what you ask her to do (well, most of the time) so she can get her treat.

While getting lost in the Facebook jungle the other day, I ran across this Facebook page called Shared: Animals. They created a quick video compiled of pictures of dogs that were in the middle of catching a treat that had been tossed their way. The results are pretty hilarious because some pics are super funny, while some of them look pretty vicious and others, well kind of missed the mark altogether. When the photographer snapped the pic, they got it at the right moment and seeing the dogs' expression or where their eyes are focused is quite funny.

And then there's these poor guys who tried hard, but missed the prize! (In slow motion of course!)

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