Tuesday was the second night of Corporate Lanes and the third day of qualifying rounds at the 31st Annual UT Tyler Southside Bank Patriot Million Dollar Hole in One on campus at UT Tyler.

Our list of daily qualifiers are as follows:

Mike Craig - Whitehouse, TX - Early bird 24"
Caleb Cheavens - Tyler, TX - 13.5" Tuesday Night
Thomas Morrow - Tyler, TX R&K Corporate Lane Qualifier
Curtis Clader - Tyler, TX - Donna Cummings Corporate Lane Qualifier
Eddie Pruett - Flint, TX - KLTV corporate Lane Qualifier
Dwayne Reynolds - Flint, TX - Cable's Roofing Corporate Lane Qualifier
Bobby Carter - Tyler, TX - Complete Care Corporate Lane Qualifier
David Taylor - Trinity Capital Management Corporate Lane Qualifier

Total shots for Tuesday were: 2246 at $1 per shot that's over $2,246 raised in scholarship money for students at UT Tyler. Help us increase the amount by supporting the UT Tyler Patriot Southside Bank Hole in One all week. Qualifying begins again on Wednesday afternoon at 4 p.m.

Wednesday is the third day of corporate lanes where the Patriots are happy to host Proforma & Choice Homecare, Morgan Stanley, Texas National Bank, and the Wilson, Rboertson & Cornelius Law Firm. Lanes will be open to the public from 4PM - 8PM.

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