I confess I was surprised to hear which state park was picked as the 'most popular state park in Texas' for 2023.

As a lover of nature, I enjoy visiting our state and national parks. Heck, I enjoy just sitting outside (when it's not over 100 degrees outside.) And I mean no disrespect by my utter surprise to hear that THIS Abilene, Texas state park was at the top of this particular list.

MySanAntonio.com shared in a recent post that, "a study from digital insurance comparison and marketplace website Insuranks released the most popular park in each state." According to their research, Abilene State Park is the most popular in Texas.

How did Insuranks arrive at the conclusion that this Abilene, Texas Park was the most popular in 2023?

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In order to arrive at their conclusion, Insuranks' researchers "analyzed the Google search volume of 3,785 search phrases and terms relating to the names of state and national parks in America over the period from May 2020 to May 2023."

Their research team also surveyed over a thousand people--between the ages of 18 and 85--back in July of this year and asked about their habits when it comes to camping--including their preferences in this regard. And that's how they ended up naming Abilene State Park the most popular in the Lone Star State.

What does Abilene State Park have to offer visitors?

For those who decide to venture 16 miles southwest of Abilene, Texas, they can enjoy various walking and jogging trails, a fishing pond, swimming pools, places to camp, of course, and more.

While I admit I was surprised, I was so happy to discover this. I lived out there during my college days and absolutely loved the city of Abilene. I still miss things about it--including the dear friends I made during my time there--both at school and at work.

Next time I'm out there, I'll definitely have to plan a little trip SW. Well, after my trip to Perrini Ranch in Buffalo Gap, of course. Have you ever been there? It's a must-visit.

Interested to see what other state parks and national parks were topping their list? Check out more here.

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