The Rock Star Suite Challenge is heating up! The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show cast members are asking their pop and rock star friends to call in the show, the cast member who gets the biggest star to call in will win the rock star suite for next week's family vacation in Mexico.

So far here's who has called in:

  • Big Al - Gavin DeGraw (in studio), Cheyenne Goss, Old Dominion
  • Kellie - Leigh Ann of Little Mix
  • J-Si - Liam Payne of One Direction and Austin Mahone
  • Jenna - Chad Kroeger of Nickelback

During the interview with Chad Kroeger, he told Jenna that if she needed some help to win he would go through his phone to help her out with some of his friends like Tommy Lee or even Steven Tyler!

You can decide which cast member had the biggest star call in to the show this week by voting now!

Once Chad was off the phone we got to hear a classic bit from Kidd Kradddick himself, the "Beans On Toast" Nickelback song! Man how we miss that talented guy!

Listen to Chad Kroeger talk about his vocal cord surgery, life with Avril and other rock stars and the future of Nickelback in today's best of audio clip.