OK, we're back. If you missed the first "installment," check it out here. I have found that setting goals--achievable and written down goals--is an absolute game-changer when it comes to living the life you want in the short time we have here on this planet. Seriously, if you feel stuck in your life, this can be the catalyst that gets you back moving forward toward a life you will love.

So, a quick review: We covered brainstorming, identifying your goal(s), asking questions, and setting a specific date for achievement in Part 1. Here's what's next: 

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Now that you've come this far, (again refer to Part 1 for the first steps) now it's time to both identify and seek out the organizations and people that will help you in the next steps of achieving your goal(s). Don't be afraid to reach out to people. Often, people can be surprisingly happy to help someone with a sincere request. If there's a group in your community with like-minded people, this can be incredibly helpful when it comes to building a sense of community, connection, and help.

Take some time to work out what knowledge and/or skills you need to that will help you. We live in the age of the internet. While there's some unhelpful fodder there, too, it is a treasure trove of knowledge and know-how.

Get real with yourself--are you willing to pay the price it takes to achieve this? Maybe once you've sincerely considered your goal, you realize that becoming a billionaire CEO isn't necessarily worth the long nights and time needed away from other pursuits you love to work toward bringing this to fruition. That's ok. This can indicate your truest values and cause you to refine your goal to something more in line with what you really want.

If you're torn, make a list of the benefits you'll enjoy when you achieve this goal and then visualize having done so. Then consider, would it be painful to you if you didn't accomplish this? This is a great way to convince yourself that it is truly worth it--or not. THIS is show you'll turn a vague wish into motivated desire to achieve.

Congrats--once you have this done you are much closer to taking the steps toward the goals, and closer to the life, you want to be living. Now that you've done this--set out your goals somewhere where you can see them, every--single--day.

Wishing you the very best.

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