In the Showbiz Top 5 today:  Tony Hawk - Rihanna and Matt Kemp - Ryan Phillippe - Justin Bieber Hotel Room Crashers - New Video Of Secret Actress Snorting Cocaine!

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Tony Hawk. He may be your idol, but he is a big-time violator of the Guy Code. Tony has dumped his third wife for the wife of his lifelong best friend, who also happens to be Tony's business partner. Tony's wife Lhotse found out about the relationship in December, after she found a plane ticket Tony booked for his mistress to join him in San Francisco. He got around to filing for divorce last month. Tony and Lhotse have a daughter together and Tony has three sons from two previous marriages. Tony's best friend was married for almost 20 years and they have two kids.

They ended things quietly -- so quietly nobody really noticed. But whatever happened must've been ugly. Sources say LA Dodger Matt Kemp was in Vegas this weekend, dancing on the banquette in the Boom Box Room at club Marquee. But when the DJ put on Rihanna's song "Cheers," Matt immediately sat down, put his hand up to the DJ as in "Talk to the hand!" and refused to get up until the song was over. Then Matt jumped right back up on the banquette and got his groove on.

Ryan Phillippe is ready to provide a clip of his hair or a swab of his saliva or a vial of his blood -- whatever the DNA lab asks of him -- to prove whether or not he's that baby daddy. Ryan's ex-girlfriend is model/actress (/waitress) Alexis Knapp, who is telling everybody within earshot that the baby in her swollen belly belongs to Ryan. One of his buddies says if the baby is his, Ryan will step up and provide financial support. No word on how this has affected his relationship with Amanda Seyfried but one can only imagine what that conversation must've been like........

Security-schmecurity. Crazy fans will figure out a way to get close to their idols. Just ask that guy who climbed the fence of Charlie Sheen's house...And just ask those two British teenage girls who managed to get into Justin Bieber's hotel room in Liverpool. This is the same hotel where Justin was told he couldn't go out on the balcony or he'd be arrested for inciting a riot in the crowd screaming for him below. You KNOW security was crawling all over that place. So how did these two girls pull off a stunt like this?? They sneaked in through a side entrance, stole housekeeping outfits, found Justin's room and knocked on the door, saying, "Housekeeping.' They were let right in and started dusting and straightening up. Whoever was in Justin's room left the girls alone long enough for them to take pictures of Justin's stuff and try to get into his bed. But their giggling gave them away. Busted! Justin wasn't in his room at the time all of this happened, but he was LIVID when he found out. He promptly checked out of the hotel.

1 won't say who it is, but you know it's only a matter of time before the celebrity is revealed. There's a video being shopped around of a young actress snorting lines of cocaine through a rolled-up hundred dollar bill. The person trying to make money off this thing promises that the video will make the Miley Cyrus bong video look like a Disney movie! All the faces in the clip RadarOnline was allowed to view were blurred out, but the starlet in question is a brunette. She was wearing a sweet little pink tank top with a black and white cardigan and sitting at a table lined with MOUNDS of cocaine and rolled up hundred dollar bills. There's a blonde girl and two guys in the video clip RadarOnline was allowed to see, and the guys are throwing around the N-word. The source of this video says there is more than one famous person in the video, as well. Now it's just a matter of time until we find out who all these people are.......