Texas is a great place to live, especially gorgeous East Texas and of course I’m partial to Tyler, Texas. I’ve had the privilege to live in 4 other states, but I don’t ever plan on moving again. Why would I? I love the sunshine, the people here truly show you what southern hospitality is all about, plus the food here is incredible. Maybe it’s not always healthy, but it sure tastes good. We love it here, but so many others do too. Which is why we are looking at 10 locations where people seem to be looking at real estate listing for Tyler, Texas. 

In the past year the real estate market has been beyond crazy, we saw home prices skyrocket, and now we have interest rates that have gone up. While those interest rates have slowed down the housing market a little bit, homes are still moving quickly here in East Texas.  

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Looking At Homes Have Changed Drastically 

Years ago, you found homes for sale by driving through neighborhoods, or maybe seeing a listing through a magazine. Technology has changed all that, now everyone can find homes listed online, even having new listings automatically sent to your phone. Which means it’s also easy for websites to track who is looking at listings and that is how this list was put together.  

Not as Many Californians as You Would Think 

It seems like so many Texans are done with Californians moving to the lone star state. But looking at this list there are lots of other areas that are more interested in moving to Texas. One thing is for sure, these people wanting to come to Texas are coming here because they don’t like where they are now. They see how amazing living and raising a family here can be. 

According to Stacker here are the top 10 locations where people cannot get enough of the real estate listings in Tyler, Texas:   

Top 10 Locations of People Looking at Real Estate Listings in Tyler, TX

People in these areas seem to want to move to Tyler, Texas as they are always looking at real estate listings in our area.

10 Safest Neighborhoods in Tyler, Texas in 2023

Here is a look at the safest areas around Tyler, Texas.

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