Looking to get into shape before swimsuit season? One way to work towards that goal is through healthy eating, and a new citywide program is here to help, "Fit Bite."

The North East Texas Public Health District has been working together with UT Tyler Nursing students to evaluate restaurant menus in Tyler, and work with them to help customers have more healthy options.

Breann Rodgers, Manager at Jason's Deli in Tyler, told CBS 19, "What tends to give you success is truly changing how you eat," Rodgers said. “It’s not a quick fix.”

In addition to Jason's Deli, other restaurants who have taken part in the program include, Jumbo's Seafood, McDonald's, Denny's, Fazoli's and Clear Springs.

The program is rolling out during National Nutrition Month, and if you want to dig a little bit deeper, just visit EatRight.org.

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