You may have noticed all the portable toilets that have been decorated and placed around Tyler. They did not magically appear so that leprechauns could go to the bathroom on St. Patrick's Day. They were decorated by different organizations and placed at strategic locations as drop off points for PATH's annual toilet paper drive. Throughout the month of March PATH asks for donations of toilet tissue, which is always in short supply for needy families.

PATH partners with AAA Sanitation who donates retired port-a-potties for the cause. Sponsoring organizations take on a retired potty to decorate and use as a collection bin.

Toilet tissue donations are accepted anytime during regular business hours at PATH which is located at 402 W. Front Street in Tyler.

Look for pretty potties all over Tyler! You will find them at PATH, TJC, Broadway Square Mall, on the


square in downtown Tyler and Piddlin Pottery which is the one shown in the picture. For more information call 903.597.4044, ext. 120 or email

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