Texas is unlike any place you could ever live. Trust me I know. Texas does its own thing a lot of the time. We have things that only happen in Texas. We have smells that just bring us back.

People may complain about the smell of Hereford but that cattle you smell on certain days is definitely the smell of money. People who benefit from that money don't mind that smell so much.

There are the sights of Texas. The Ford Pickup Trucks. Oh, and if it is white that is even more Texas. I will probably get hate from other pickup truck drivers but look around. There is the ease of how you will find a horse or a cow in the area. Looking for someone who wears a cowboy hat or boots. You will see that here in Texas.

When it comes to the sounds of Texas you may think of our storms. The sounds of that rain hitting. The wind blowing. Heck, the sound of that tornado siren may just scream Texas. None of that though is the true sound of Texas.

You can probably go outside in your backyard and hear the true sound that every Texan will recognize. They may not know the exact name but they do know the sound.

The Northern Mockingbird. They are our state bird after all. So yes you will recognize the sound they make. There is absolutely no doubt. You probably hear it on a daily basis.

Is This The Legendary Cave Of Palo Duro Canyon?

I've heard rumors of caves in Palo Duro Canyon. Surely, this isn't all there is.

Gallery Credit: Charlie Hardin

The Wonders of Palo Duro Canyon in the Texas Panhandle

Often called the Grand Canyon of Texas, it's easy to feel small when surrounded by the towering land. Palo Duro offers stellar hiking and biking, camping, and even cabins to plan more of a family or lovers getaway. Explore it on foot, on wheels, on horses, etc... Cap off the day with an authentic taqueria meal in Amarillo, if you can stand the smell. They don't call it "Cow Town" for nothing...

Gallery Credit: Kelso

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