The Friday after Thanksgiving an unexpected visitor arrived on my boyfriend's doorstep. As one of our friends left the house with dog, another one ran in.

I had been camped out in the floor running wires under the Snow Village table displays, when I looked up and saw a small black and white dog that resembled a border collie.

He playfully ran over to me, wagging his tail, and plopped down on the floor. I asked Boyfriend where he came from, and he said he just ran in. He was wearing a bright orange collar, but no tag. I took a quick photo of him and posted it on Facebook, hoping someone might recognized him.

Considering the late hour, we decided to let him stay in the house over night. He followed commands to sit, shake and lay down. He event slept on the pallet we set up for him.

Amazed by his great behavior the next day we borrowed a leash from Boyfriend's parents and walked him around the neighborhood. We had hoped that we would come across someone who recognized him so we could get him back to his family, but we were unsuccessful.




With no response to my Facebook post, and no luck on our walk we decided to post this photo of him on the Found Pets page at and also on the SPCA East Texas Website. We also took him to a local vet, and discovered that he had not been micro-chipped.

Our visitor stayed one more night, before the owner's neighbor spotted my Facebook post, and we discovered that our new friend was named Stubby and had a wonderful family. Unfortunately the family had been away over the holiday when Stubby escaped.

Our experienced reminded me how valuable it is to attach a tag to our pets, even if they stay inside. You never know when one might dart out, and show up at someone else's front door.



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