Noah Brocklebank thought no one in the world cared about him, but he soon discovered just the opposite.

The Columbia, Maryland boy has been besieged by thousands of messages of support after he had posted a photo on Instagram back in January with a note that read, "Day of scheduled suicide, February 8th, 2013, my birthday." Noah turned 13 on that day.

Fortunately, Noah was placed in a hospital for depression and anxiety. During that time, his mother, Karen, started a Facebook page asking people to write her son letters to let him know that "he matters and that it does get better."

Noah needs to know that he matters and that it does get better. So many people have been asking me how they can help. Well, this is how."

Karen explained that Noah has been a victim of bullying and "his self-esteem has disappeared." She opened up a PO box in the hopes some letters would come in, only to quickly learn that her pleas had touched a soft spot for so many because Noah received thousands of letters telling him to keep his chin up. In fact, the campaign to help Noah became something of a global mission because he received letters from people on every single continent, even Antarctica.

Noah seems to have learned a great deal from the experience, saying, "I was focused on the bad side of people, like the bullies. Then I realized there are caring people out there that can be my friends.”

The campaign has been such a huge success that Karen has started a website called to let more people write to him. In addition, she testified before the House Judiciary Committee to lend her support to the Cyberbullying Prevention Act.

Check out some more photos of Noah with his letters of support below.