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Finally, after years of free-loading - we can put our kids to work without having to worry about those pesky child labor laws.  It's good work too!  Like - sitting on the board, making decisions type of good with a huge company.

Sun-Maid Raisins (told you it was a big company) wants to hire your kid and put them on the newly announced "Board of Imagination."  The 109-year old raisin company is looking for young minds to help them with ideas to guide them into the future of healthy snacking.  The first (virtual) board meeting is set for April, but the seats are currently vacant.

The positions are open to kids 6 through 12, but they can't apply like adults.  In order to be considered for the job, potential board members have to be nominated by their parents or legal guardians. The fruit-snack giants are giving you and your little executive-to-be the entire month of February to get everything together.

This kid-powered brain trust will reportedly give everyone in the company the day off (paid, of course) in their first session, because they obviously know how to become everyone's favorite bosses on day one.  They'll also be charged with "enriching the thinking and enhance the creativity" of Sun-Maid staff by sharing the views of the company's end users.

The compensation package is pretty impressive too.  If your kid is selected, they'll get $5,000 for themselves and $5,000 for their school.  They'll (both your kid and the school) also be dried-grape rich!  According to the press release, the Fresno, California based company will provide healthy and delicious snacks for an entire year!

If you have a kid that shows a passion for raisins, corporate life, or both - don't miss your chance to send them off  help them achieve their dreams.

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