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Girl Scouts Release New Cookie Flavor
Lemon-Ups have joined the Girl Scout Cookie lineup. The Lemon-Ups are lemon wafers with a layer of glaze on the bottom. What makes this cookie stand out? The cookie has a motivational phrase like "I'm a leader" on the top.
We Hope Tyler Girl Scouts Will Have The New Secret Cookie
Girl Scouts have a new cookie flavor coming in 2019 that will feed our cookie addiction in a whole new way. Thin Mints are usually #1 in popularity, but a curious new addition will be sweet, salty, and chewy, and probably just as irresistible as the others. Start practicing your willpower now.
Stop Selling Cookies
When Honey Boo Boo changed her Facebook banner recently it included a picture of her with Girl Scout Cookies and a price list.  That picture caught the attention of the Girl Scouts organization, who contacted her and requested her to remove the banner.
Girl Scouts: A ‘Radicalized Organization?’
State lawmakers in Indiana were recently presented with a resolution to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts organization and honor the positive influence the group has had on American women. Representative Bob Morris, a Republican from Fort Wayne, was the only representative to refuse…
Texas Group Calls for Boycott of Girl Scout Cookies [VIDEO]
I will admit up-front that I am a junkie when it comes to Thin Mints, which is why this caught my attention, but I am curious to see how you feel about this. A Texas-based pro-family group is calling for a boycott of Girl Scout cookies in response to the organization’s decision …
Girl Scouts Cut Costs by Axing a Few Cookies
Snack fans united in shock and disbelief on Tuesday after The Wall Street Journal reported that the Girl Scouts would be discontinuing a few varieties of their popular cookies. The economy hasn't been kind to the cookie business over the past couple of years, organization reps explained to…