trick or treating

Vienna Sausages In The Trick Or Treat Bucket?
Last night was the second most important night in a child's life, right behind Christmas Eve, where they can dress up and run door to door and get bucket loads of candy.  Whether its chocolate or sugar based candy they don't care, as long as it's candy they're taking it!  Last night my daughter got dressed up and we took her to different neighborhoods along with a couple of other neighbor kids and
Halloween Events in Rusk And Cherokee Counties
Ghosts, goblins, monsters, Winnie The Poohs, princesses of all kinds and other costumed kids will be out trick or treating tonight all across East Texas hoping to haul in a ton of candy.  It's a tradition that continues and kids look forward to it each year.  On this night, when you're driving in the neighborhoods please use extra caution as kids will dart out in the street to get to the next hous
When Will You Trick Or Treat?
Over the weekend I was talking with my neighbor and they brought up the question "when are kids trick or treating this year", because their friends told them they were going to do it on Sunday.  I replied with, well, Halloween is on Monday so we're going on Monday!  In a way it's kinda of like saying Valentine's Day is on Monday, so when are you going to celebrate it!  You wouldn't do it