Taylor Swift barely had enough time to dismantle the rumors that she is dating ‘The Lorax’ co-star Zac Efron when another hot story about her dating life has surfaced.

The latest reported suitor of Swift? NFL fave Tim Tebow, who dealt with his own swirl of fame while leading the Denver Broncos to the playoffs last season.

According to ClevverTV [via Ace Showbiz], Swift, 22, had dinner with Tebow, 24, at Los Angeles-area restaurant Toscanova on Monday, Feb. 27. Word is the pair arrived at the eatery together, too. Tebow reportedly walked Swift out after dinner, and then returned to the table to join two other people. A source said, “I think they may have been with their agents.”

Many Hollywood couples have been set up by their agents, so there’s nothing out of the ordinary about this scenario. Maybe they were having a friendly dinner and he was being a total gentleman. Maybe it was a date. Whatever the case, we’re interested in seeing where this goes, if anywhere at all.

The pair was also seen chatting each other up at the WME pre-Oscar party on Friday, Feb. 24.

If Taylor and Tim did indeed go on a date and eventually start dating, they would be the cutest and most clean cut couple in the Hollywood realm. They are both beloved by America for their untainted and wholesome images. There has been no late nights stumbling out of clubs and behaving badly like fellow stars and starlets for these two. Both Swift and Tebow are the type you bring home to mama!

Tebow, for his part, is certainly finding his name attached to plenty of eligible pop stars. There were rumors of a hook up with the newly single Katy Perry, who has a similar Christian background. She even dedicated one of her performances to him.

It’s not just American sports fans who love Tim Tebow. The pop starlets seem to crush on him, too.

No one is immune to Tebowmania!

Watch ClevverTV’s Video Exclusive About Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow Date