East Texas classrooms are full of extraordinary teachers. Teachers who go way above and beyond to help students who are eager to learn or to help or mentor those who might need some help picking up a certain concept.

These teachers display a passion for helping their students because they want them to set them up to succeed in life. It's their job after all, right? Plus they have an unwavering desire to help their students achieve their goals.

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Mix 93-1 and White Oak ISD are proud to partner and recognize these outstanding East Texas teachers that you have nominated from school districts and universities all across East Texas. Teachers that have, in some way, made a huge impact on a child's education.

Mix 93-1 and White Oak ISD would like to recognize this week's Mix 93-1 Teacher Of The Week:

Mr. Sulc is this week's Mix 93-1 Teacher Of The Week

Mr. Sulc is a computer science teacher at Fruitvale High School in Fruitvale.

Mr. Sulc was nominated by a peer who had this to say about him:

I see every day how much he cares about his students. He is a computer science teacher and he also coaches! He coaches football, basketball, and track. He’s so dedicated that, when needed, he will help out in any other sport! With teaching and coaching, there are days when he is at the school way past the end-of-day bell. He puts in so much time and effort with his students to try and make them better! His students know they can trust him and really enjoy his presence. I hope Fruitvale ISD and the student's parents realize what they have with Coach Sulc being there.

Mix 93-1 and White Oak ISD are honored to recognize Mr. Sulc of Fruitvale ISD as the Mix 93-1 Teacher Of The Week.

White Oak ISD
White Oak ISD

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