Mix 93-1 and White Oak ISD proudly recognize outstanding teachers from across East Texas as the Mix 93-1 Teacher Of The Week.

East Texas is full of wonderful, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and caring teachers who teach and develop our children to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Teaching can be an extremely challenging career, but those who enter this profession do it knowing they are going to help someone learn a new skill and learn something about themselves along the way.

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East Texas teachers are not often recognized for the work they are doing with our children and that's why we've created the Mix 93-1 Teacher Of The Week award. To spread the word about our teachers and the outstanding job they're doing.

This week's Mix 93-1 Teacher Of The Week is:

Mrs. LeBaron of Sabine Elementary

Mrs. LeBaron is a 2nd-grade teacher at Sabine Elementary, home of the Cardinals! She was nominated by a peer who had these remarkable words to say about her.

Mrs. LeBaron is a 2nd grade teacher at Sabine Elementary. Mrs. LeBaron goes above and beyond each day to make her students feel loved and valued, She continuously makes learning fun and meaningful! Mrs. LeBaron instills a love for learning in her students. She is awesome!

While Mrs. LeBaron has her eyes on her second graders, someone else, maybe several others, has their eyes on her and notices the hard work she's putting in to help these second graders succeed.

Mix 93-1 and White Oak ISD proudly recognize Mrs. LeBaron of Sabine Elementary as the Mix 93-1 Teacher Of The Week.

White Oak ISD
White Oak ISD

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