At first I thought this was some sort of hazing - you know, college and high school kids doing ridiculous things to each other. But the guy who was duct taped to a yield sign in northeast Houston on Wednesday did on his own accord.

Apparently, he lost a bet.

The Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets 112-106 and as a result, Miiguel Chavez was resigned to the post reported NBC 5.

Eventually someone felt bad enough to call the police and as the officers pulled up to the incapacitated Chavez, they saw a man walking towards him with a knife. According, KHOU, the officer ordered the man to drop the knife or he would be tased.

It was a friend who had come to cut him down and the two explained to the police that it was just a bet.

Chavez was eventually brought back to the ground and the officers went so far as to give him a ride home - not without a lecture, of course.

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