This story just goes to show you that just about every creature in the great state of Texas loves Whataburger. This story has been circulating online and it’s just so adorable I knew I had to share the details with you.  

The details were first shared by My San Antonio regarding the Morgan family, Keith and his daughter Riley kept hearing their car meowing at something in their yard. They went to see what it was and found two baby squirrels, unfortunately their mother was deceased in the roadway. But Keith and Riley wanted to do everything possible to care for these little squirrels. 

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Fast Forward Two Years 

One of the two baby squirrels didn’t make it, but one of them did and ever since then, Keith and Riley have been looking after their squirrel friend named Dale. They feed him and they even created a Whataburger-themed house for Dale. They created the squirrel home mostly because Riley loves Whataburger. 

How Long Did the Custom Whataburger Take to Make? 

Keith says the project only took about two days and that was two years ago, but he recently shared a picture of the squirrel house in a Whataburger fanatic Facebook group, and it has been shared over 1,200 times at this point.  

While Dale is a regular in the neighborhood, he doesn’t always stay at his personalized Whataburger restaurant/home. But how cool was it that this Texas family decided to step up and show some real southern hospitality even to an orphaned squirrel. 

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