Every married person in Texas knows that making a marriage work takes work, patience, and communication. And you must be able to adjust and make things work, but the ones that are able to make it last are fortunate to find the love of their life is by their side every day. It’s not easy making a marriage work, but there are some common themes that are found in successful marriages which I wanted to share with you. 

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Let me start by saying that no two marriages are ever the same, so don’t ever compare your relationship to anyone else’s. You’re dealing with different struggles, just make sure that when things get tough you work with your partner to overcome these goals. No one outside of your marriage should be helping you like your partner so make sure when you’re facing challenges, you’re working on them as a team. 

Realize that Marriage Comes with Ups and Downs 

We all know that marriage isn’t always the “honeymoon phase.” Life can be difficult but remember to celebrate the wins together, and when you’re going through the hard stuff to truly lean on each other so you can work to move past it. Life isn’t always fair, but it’s a lot better when you have your partner in life by your side. 

Let’s Look at the Common Themes Found in Successful Marriages 

While we know marriage is different for everyone there are some common themes found in successful marriages, here are some of those themes so you can recreate them and have a happy marriage.  

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