All it takes is an accusation.

While in conversation this morning, Big Al accused J-Si of cheating during an arm wrestling challenge that happened years ago. An accusation that J-Si denies. So as gentlemen, Big Al and J-Si decide to settle the issue peacefully and they both agreed on a rematch.

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So the challenge was on. For the challenge there were the competitors (J-Si and Big Al), there was a crowd (ok it was Part Time Justin), there was a ring girl (Ana) and (somewhat) of an announcer and color analyst (Kellie Rasberry).  From that point on the countdown was on and the strongest man was going to be crowned the victor.

After that, Part Time Justin gets in on the action and takes on Big Al and then the unscheduled main event happened. A match that almost had J-Si too intimidated to take on. The cast challenged him to take on engineer Don. J-Si has taken on engineer Don on several different occasions and in several different locations. Will this main event have the same outcome?  After the main event, there was another accusation of unfairness because one contestant had an advantage of holding on to the counter. So J-Si and engineer Don switch sides and rematched for a second time.  What will this outcome be?  You'll have to watch the following best of video to see it all play out for yourself.

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