The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show is known for a lot of things - their generosity, helping kids, great entertainment and spreading the word about different organizations and causes. One organization and cause they recently talked about has ended up saving one person's life.

The cast of the show wasn't aware of what was going on until it was time to make a move!  Morning show producer Nick Adams told the cast what was happening on air and that he was going to Houston to be a stem cell bone marrow donor.  Nick had made the choice months earlier to see if he would be a match for someone and decided to take the simple step of swabbing the inside of his mouth one day with the anticipation of being a match in hopes of saving someone's life. Not knowing if he would ever be a match, the call came in one day that he was a match for someone and that he would be headed to Houston.

Nick registered to be a donor through the site DKMS and was recently featured in a news story on Dallas TV station CW33.

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