Ahh the school talent show, brings back quite a few memories for the cast of the show.

After receiving an email from the school letting parents know about the upcoming elementary school talent show, J-Si is urging his daughter to participate because, looking back now, J-Si kind of regrets not participate when in his schools' talent show when had the opportunity because he was just too nervous.

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That got Big Al to ask J-Si if he weren't so nervous, what his talent would have been.

J-Si also wonders if its wrong of him to incentivize her participation buy paying her $25. If singing isn't what she wants to do, Kellie offers him a couple of other ideas to get her to participate.

J-Si asks the cast if they ever participated in their school's talent show and Ana responds with a yes and describes what she did and Big Al believes he did and thinks it was pretty inappropriate now!

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