I love tea, whether it's the kind you drink or the kind you spill in a ratchet gossip session.


Seeing as how it is Super Bowl week, I have been on the lookout for some tea (gossip spills) about anything affiliated with food for the big game, halftime show performers, and of course, our Whitehouse local legend, Patrick Mahomes.

It looks like I got a twofer with this story coming out of Fox51 News! They said there's a lady who made some Patrick Mahomes tea (the drinking kind).

I had to do some investigating. Where can you find this tea? What are the tea flavors? Does it come with an autographed teabag and a Zoom call from Patrick himself? You know, the usual questions.

While the tea (the drinking kind) does NOT come with a Zoom call from Mahomes, it does have some tasty flavor to it. Tea shop, The Daily Fix Nutrition (111 State Highway 110 N, Whitehouse), was on TV today talking about their "Super Bowl Punch" tea. It's the one they created especially for BIG fans of Mahomes (lovin' that hometown pride) and fans of the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Daily Fix's Facebook page touts many of their healthy Herbalife centered drinks that promote good nutrition and all that jazz.

"Nutritional teas" already sounds too "healthy" for me, so I'm giving this tea shop the side-eye until further notice.


I will have to taste one of these concoctions myself before I give it a "YAY" or a "HECK NAY", but it does look pretty tasty. And you know I'm a foodie, so anytime there are food and beverages to be served, I'm gonna be right up in your face until I get a taste.

I also saw this Mahomes Tea Towel for sale! Let's go Chiefs!

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