Alright, you made some resolutions and hopefully you’re still on track five weeks into the new year, but if you need some ideas to get back on track, I’ve got three things you can try right here in Tyler.

First you may want to get moving. Tyler is a beautiful city and provides plenty of spaces to walk or run, but one of my favorite ways to get the blood flowing is yoga. I love the combination of movement and meditation.

There are plenty of studios here and in all parts of the city, so there’s bound to be one close to you. I’ve practiced at quite a few, and my top three are Flow., BeFree Yoga and The Yoga Spot. All offer drop in rates, so you can check out the class and see if it’s something you love, too. By the way, let them know you’re a beginner so they can help you modify and learn.

There’s also the choice to eat healthy. Your body will thank you. It will also thank you for supplementing, because even our whole foods lack nutrients these days. So whether you grab something off the shelf at the local drugstore, or consult a friend with a side hustle, your body and mind will thank you for feeding it good vitamins and minerals. Curious about where to eat healthy in Tyler, I’ve got a few places in mind for you right here. Salads or not, I share what you can eat at my favorite places here.

Finally, meditation is amazing, and you can experience it at many yoga studios in town. Flow. for example offers a Friday class at noon that offers an hour long savasana that begins with a guided meditation.  Another great option is the new Vida Salt Room, where you can experience himalayan salt therapy and relax into a meditative state.

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