This past weekend a co-worker here at the radio station attended an impromptu mini-class reunion where he and his friends relived some great memories from their time together in school. While they were partying it up in this small club, the dj started playing some songs from the 80's for them which caught the attention of a group of college girls who ended up craving more songs from the 80's too. So it turned into an 80's kind of night for them all in this small club as the shut the place down at around 2 a.m.!

So it goes without saying they all had a great time. While talking with my co-worker I was quizzing him and asking him if they played songs from Scorpion, Def Leppard, Michael Jackson, Erasure, Quiet Riot, Depeche Mode, Twisted Sister, Simply Red, Prince, The Cure, Madonna, Talking Heads and then I said Tiffany. Apparently I crossed the line when I said Tiffany, because he gave me this strange look on my face and then he nearly fell out on the floor laughing!

Right after I said that, it reminded me that Tiffany and The Jets played at concert at my school my junior year. Here's where the Throwback comes in to play. I was living in Grand Prairie in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex and there was a new radio station in town, Y-95. They had a contest going on for the school that turned in the most 3x5 cards that had the phrase "(School name) listens to the new sound of Y-95" on them, they would win a concert at their school from Y-95 featuring Tiffany with The Jets opening up.

I can remember sitting in Mrs. Smith's Spanish II class writing the following phrase over and over and over. "South Grand Prairie listens to the new sound of Y-95!" for days upon end. When it came time to announce the winning school we were all glued to Y-95 that morning as the Murphy In The Morning show declared South Grand Prairie as the contest winner!

Later that month, sure enough, Tiffany and The Jets performed a concert in our schools' coliseum! It's just one of those high school memories I have that I don't often think about but when talking about songs from the 80's, this always come to mind.

Here's just a few of the songs that Tiffany and The Jets performed for us all back in 1988!

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