Remember that hour of sleep you lost back in March because you had to set your clock ahead one hour? Well, you're getting it back Saturday night as Daylight Saving Time comes to an end.

The concept of daylight saving time dates back to 1784 and Benjamin Franklin but wasn't actually implemented until World War I and it's been observed sporadically by various countries ever since. Unlike the US, there are some parts of the world that have never observed the time change. The initial goal of daylight saving time was to reduce evening electricity usage and to encourage people to stay outdoors longer and use natural light, but with technology today we're saving electricity already! Some argue that the time should not change and just stay constant.

Unlike the states of Arizona and Hawaii that do not observe DST, Texas does and we're going to be forced to change our clocks by our bed, on the microwave, the stove, in our car, our watch, the clock on the wall and more Sunday morning at 2a, as we'll be turning back the clock by one hour. Thank goodness though our computers change their internal clock itself along with most of our smart phones!

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