The weather is going to be great for Canton's First Monday Trade Days this weekend.

Thousands of vendors are on Canton's First Monday Trade Days ground right now selling all kinds of goods, services, antiques, animals and so much more. If you're looking for some great fall or Halloween decorations you need to be in Canton! I'm sure there's quite a few East Texans that are just ancy and can't wait to get their Christmas decorations and displays up! Yes, there will be Christmas decorations on sale too during trade days!

Canton's First Monday Trade Days has been happening now for more than 150 years bringing farmers, ranchers and towns people together to trade for goods and services from their friends and neighbors. I'm not sure how much trading actually goes on these days because there are a lot of things for sale and the government has to collect taxes on items sold!

Be sure to dress comfortable, wear great walking shoes, bring along some sunscreen and possibly a light jacket if you get cool easily and an appetite too! There are a lot of great food vendors at Canton's First Monday Trade Days. As far as the weather goes, according to Katie Vossler at KLTV today is going to be partly cloudy with a high of 83, Saturday mostly cloudy and 84 and then Sunday cloudy and 84 with a 30% chance of showers. So overall, not too bad of a weekend to do a little browsing!

Canton's First Monday Trade Days offers up a little something for everyone, so keep your eyes peeled for that special item and you never know, you just might run into your neighbor while shopping.

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