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When I go out to eat or go out for a drink with my friends I am accustomed to tipping the server at the restaurant or the bartender who served us, it's something I've done for years and it's just part of the experience. The better the experience the more I will end up tipping this person. Over the past couple of years though I've noticed that more and more industries and people around Tyler and Longview, Texas have been asking for tips at various places.

Now, I'm probably going to ruffle some feathers because of the title of this article and my stance on tipping, but I feel like we've gotten to a point where it's just about to be out of control. Most people have accepted the fact that they're going to tip for that cup of morning coffee at the coffee shop, when getting their hair done, or when someone delivers their food using one of the delivery services, but tipping for someone just taking your order at a restaurant or picking you up for a ride-share or showing up for a service call at your home, I'm sorry, it's just a bit too much.

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I have been having lunch at this same place every Friday for the last couple of years, it's my guilty pleasure place. The atmosphere is great, the employees are friendly, food is great and reasonably priced, which when combined keeps me coming back as a loyal customer every single Friday. Here lately, they've had some turnover, but the service and everything remains great, except there has been one change - after they take my order, the new employees have begun flipping the register screen over to reveal a screen for a tip amount.

This is new. This is intimidating. There is a lot of pressure.

Seeing that tip screen and how much I am being suggested to leave as a tip is a bit of a turn-off. I feel that this is intimidating and a lot of pressure on asking me for a 10%, 20% even 30% tip, that's a lot. This restaurant isn't your typical sit-down restaurant where the servers depend upon tips, it's more of a fast food-fast casual dining place where they're receiving a wage already. The pressure is real because other people I'm with or around me will see if and how much of a tip I choose to leave. As a consumer that is a lot of pressure and often I feel guilted into leaving a tip. Although here lately, I have backed off and don't feel as guilty.

Is this something you've noticed too?

Thanks to all of the digital payment devices we are feeling bombarded when it comes to tipping. An article posted on KVUE says many consumers feel that tipping is out of control. The survey revealed that,

many consumers are now feeling irritated by automatic tip requests at coffee shops and other counter service eateries where tipping has not typically been expected, workers make at least the minimum wage and service is usually limited." (KVUE)
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I may be a traditionalist when it comes to tipping. I will tip you based on the quality of service that I receive, whether that be at a restaurant, coffee shop, bar or hotel, but please stop asking me to tip if I call my order in and pick it up myself or you just take my order and I have to come to the counter to retrieve my own food - in that case then, I'll tip myself by getting dessert!

I would like to know what your thoughts are on this. Are consumers being bombarded and guilted into tipping? Chat with me using the station app or send me an email to let me know your thoughts.

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