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It's always a party when Part Time Justin is involved.

Part Time Justin is throwing a little Friday evening in on your Tuesday! He's always looking forward to a good party and all good parties must include a good drink. With warmer temperatures happening right now, Justin is thinking about Spring and he has the perfect cocktail for spring. It's so perfect he put his name on it - the Justini. You'll need the following to make it:

  • vodka
  • elderflower liqueur
  • lavender honey syrup
  • lemon juice

Listen to Justin tell you how to make it in the following best of audio clip where Part Time Justin also fills us in on the do's and don'ts that Gen Z has for millennials. Apparently some things are no longer in with them, things like:

  • skinny jeans
  • laughing crying emoji
  • middle part hairstyle
  • knowing someone's Hogwarts House
  • the overhead shot and using the word selfie
  • the word adulting
  • liking pizza

Part Time Justin breaks it all down for us in the audio clip below.

Listen to "Turn Up Tuesday- Because Gen Z Says So!" on Spreaker.

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