Your kids probably love Peppa Pig, but we parents know that there is absolutely nothing redeeming about the pig or her show. Oh, she's popular, but is all your kids learning from her is that's it's funny to fat shame dear old dad? Well, Fort Worth, TX, is getting in bed with the popular British Pig... and it'll likely be wildly successful.

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Peppa Pig is hugely popular. My kids all watched it at some point, and it's not remarkably bad or anything, it just feels not great after. Like all you can eat chips at a Tex-Mex restaurant, or chomping down an entire bag of candy, sure you're full but now your tummy hurts.

Peppa whines a lot, she's rude to her friends, jumps in muddy puddles, and she's not the poster child for a "great big sister," but most kids seem to love her. Maybe because they can see the pig that she is capable of being. They see her potential... yeah, maybe.

"The success of the Peppa Pig Theme Park has been phenomenal, and we are excited to embark on the journey again with our friends at Merlin to bring another park to the city of North Richland Hills, TX," said Matt Proulx, Vice President Location Based Entertainment at Hasbro in a statement. "We cannot wait for more guests to create lifelong memories with Peppa and her friends."

Regardless, the British cartoon is set to get her own theme park in North Richland Hills outside of Fort Worth, Texas.

This will be North America's second Peppa Pig theme park, and it's set to open in 2024. According to FOX 4 News, "the park will feature rides, interactive attractions, shows and more from the world of Peppa Pig."

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