If you're a deer hunter, the experts say it's going to be a good season in Texas. Unless your dog shoots you accidentally. It really happened.

The general season opened to white-tailed deer hunters last Saturday, and wildlife managers are saying this season will be better than average.  There are 4.6 million deer in Texas, so an above average season here is really, really good compared to other states.

That is if you don't end up seriously injured after accidentally being shot by your dog.

A 120-lb. Rottweiler mix named Charlie got his paw stuck on the trigger two weeks ago on a hunting trip with his owner in New Mexico and accidentally shot Sonny “Tex” Gilligan.  The gun was loaded, and when the dog slipped he caught the trigger and the shots went through Gilligan’s back, broke several ribs and shattered his collarbone. I bet that's a tough one for Tex to explain.  Hunters get accused of exaggerating all the time, but now he's got a story to one-up his buddies without the embellishing it one little bit.

People Magazine says Gilligan will be okay after lots of rehab, and the dog is staying with his son until he can get back home.

There are about 800,000 deer hunters in Texas this year, and that translates to a plethora of loaded guns in pickups and SUVs.  And since dogs don't know the difference between a loaded gun and a flashlight, rifles are best kept out of striking distance of the paws.  One more safety tip to add to the list.

The white-tailed deer hunting season in Texas runs through January 6th for 226 counties including Smith and the surrounding area.  I'm sure you'll bring back some good stories, but may they not involve your dog's paw accidentally hitting the trigger.

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