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We're all looking to save a buck and when we think we've found a good deal, we often times go ahead and take it. However, in this case, was this the perfect deal or the perfect steal for the seller?

Before we get to that, Big Al suggests that J-Si needs to open a hotel because of all the visitors he gets at his house. J-Si tells us about his most recent house guests and apparently who's on the way next. After watching 'Loki' Ana is now wondering about alternate time lines and how life looks differently within those time lines.

Part Time Justin is in need for some help for his dying Bonsai tree that he spent three hundred dollars on from a woman in a parking lot who was selling them out of the back of her van. Some cast members are judging and feel anxiety for spending that much money on a tree. That lead the cast to talking about some of the weirdest things they've seen for sale in a parking lot, or in Big Al's case, the sports bar parking lot!

Listen to "Weirdest Thing Bought In Parking Lot" on Spreaker.

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