So, the other day we were discussing all of these new plant-based meat options in lieu of one's regular fare. It peaked my interest so I tried it last night. Overall thoughts? I liked it. :) Is the best thing I've ever tasted in the whole wide world? Well, no.

Now, to be fair I tend to lean more "plant-based" anyway, although I'm what you might call a "selective omnivore" and try to keep any meat or dairy consumption on the lighter side. I also have been fortunate enough to actually enjoy vegetables, so granted I know my perspective is a teensy bit biased. I did try to keep a pretty objective point of view, however.

Even if you are a die-hard BBQ'n, carnivore to the extreme type of person, you may like this product, as well. Just don't compare it to the greasiest hamburger you can find, because this ain't apples and apples. But, if you can enjoy the plant-based meat for what it is you might be surprised.

One thing that definitely surprised me, speaking of greasy, was that while the patties were cooking, there was "grease" in the pan. I looked at the ingredients and it turns out these patties are made with both coconut and canola oil--thus the "grease." I get that they're trying to make them more authentic however one of the reasons that I personally lean more plant-based is because I'm trying to keep my oil consumption on the lower side. BUT, for the purposes of simply aiming for less cholesterol, concern over the environment or animals, etc., this is a reasonable exchange.

You only cook these for three minutes on each side, so that was a plus if you're in a hurry to get dinner on the table. The flavor? Surprisingly good. I wasn't blown away but it exceeded my expectations. The texture? I found them to be quite dense and maybe a tad too thick for my liking. Maybe I overcooked them. I fixed them up just like I would a regular burger and paired them with tater tots (which make everything better) and generally enjoyed it.

So, yeah I'd encourage you to try it. Treat it like a culinary adventure. And, just like with all new inventions and technologies, I expect the plant-based options will continue to improve.

Pair anything with tater tots and it's gonna be better, amirite?
Pair anything with tater tots and it's gonna be better, amirite?

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