Ahh, it's time for me to head back into the kitchen and cook something good. I'm in the mood for something tasty but don't really know what to make.

I looked in the pantry and saw all kinds of essentials, rice, an assortment of pasta, canned tomatoes (did I really need to buy 4 cans of Rotel?), and there's some buttermilk pancake mix. I close the pantry door and open up the fridge.

Wait, what's this bag in the back? I opened it up and the fresh smell of uncooked crawfish wafts underneath my nose.

This bag of crawfish has been sitting here for at least a week. I had signed up for an online cooking class. No, wait, I didn't buy the crawfish because of a cooking class, it was for a recipe I saw on a YouTube video. I was looking up directions on how to properly boil and season crawfish. I love me a good old fashioned crawfish boil! Unfortunately, I'm the only one in the house who will eat it because my 9-year-old daughter, Willow, is extremely picky and won't eat seafood.

There's something about a crawfish boil that just makes everything in the world at peace for a moment. I think it sparked up from my friend Nick who used to have a big crawfish boil shindig at his house (back before he got a serious girlfriend).

Ooh wee, he'd throw in some corn cobs and potatoes into his big crawfish pot, and voila! SO GOOD!

Cut to a shot of me at Nick's crawfish boil parties:

It seems that Texas has become obsessed with searching for cooking tips on crawfish during these coronavirus times, according to Lifehacker.com.

I put the bag of crawfish back in the fridge. I'm too tired to cook. I'm going to order a pizza instead.

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