Whataburger is iconic in Texas. SO iconic that Kansas City Chief and native Texan Patrick Mahomes' presence in Kansas City is encouraging the Texas-bred franchise to expand to our northern neighbor-state. I've know many a friend who has moved from the Lone Star State only to regret having left the land of the beloved burger franchise.

In addition to the classics that we all love so much, and arguably the best ketchup you can find anywhere, they keep coming out with these new burger manifestations that keep our love for Whataburger ever renewed. The latest? The Pico Burger. 

Well, how can you go wrong when you take a Whataburger with two all-beef patties and add pepper jack cheese, fresh pico de gallo, and their signature Creamy Cilantro Lime Sauce? Because really, the only other thing Texans may like almost as much as their Whataburger is Mexican food. It's a match made in heaven, right? According to many reviews--it is indeed, delicious.

Well, in an effort to live the full experience, I went and got one earlier today. Here's how it went: 

I order the whole meal, because that's what ya do--right? I had to get onion rings so I'd have an excuse to eat the BEST ketchup known to earthlings. Especially the spicy--OMG.

The Best Ketchup Ever. Spicy or Regular? (Spicy, btw.)
The Best Ketchup Ever. Spicy or Regular? (Spicy, btw.)

I returned home, opened the bag, and pulled out the iconic, yellow-wrapper clad Pico Burger. Always such a happy feeling for Texans.

Few Things As Happy-Making As This Signature Yellow Wrapper

Upon unwrapping, I'll admit the burger looked rather plain. Ordered right off the menu, it doesn't have tons of vegetables atop it. As a fan of TONS of veggies on my burgers, I was like "oh." BUT, as we all know, it's what inside that counts, right?

It Looks A Bit Plain On The Outside, But It's What Inside That Counts, Right

Then, I cut it in half so we could see the layers of beef, cheese, pico, and the cilantro lime sauce. Lovely, isn't it?


And then... I took a bite. Oh. My Heavens. If you love a bit of "kick" to your burger, you're gonna fall in love. The alchemy created by the cheese, beef, sauce, and pico is a definite win. It's not TOO hot. Just very flavorful. It's also extremely filling, so I could eat part of it. Want the other half?

Of course you don't--because you're gonna want to go by and get your own. Delicious. Next time, though...I may tell them to add some lettuce and tomato--but that's just me. ;)

And of course, the onion rings and spicy ketchup were perfect, too. Get ready to enjoy.

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