I asked my 10-year-old daughter, Willow, what she wants to do this weekend and it turned into a sh*t show, all because I "asked her a question".

It started with she answered my initial inquiry with, "I want to have a lemonade stand."


Cool, I thought, I can help with that. The wheels in my head were turning. Now that lemonade stands are legal in the state of Texas, kids don't need a permit to have one, so let's do this!

"We can set up your lemonade stand somewhere on Broadway Ave for maximum customer impact!" I thought to myself.
I went into "Super-Mom-to-the-Rescue" mode and quickly went onto YouTube and typed in "Easy DIY How to Make a Lemonade Stand". I found two quick and adorable videos that I wanted to show Willow so that she could choose which style of lemonade stand she wanted us to make. I was so pumped to watch the videos with her and make a list of all the materials we would need to purchase at the craft store Saturday morning. I wanted Willow to have an A+ lemonade stand that she would feel proud of and happy to make.

We watched the first video I had bookmarked for her, "How to make a Lemonade Stand | DIY Lemonade Stand | Easy Lemonade Stand | Shamiru's World" from Shamiru's World.

Super cute Shamiru and her little sister gave us an easy way to create a lemonade stand out of foam board, dowels, construction paper, decorations, glue, and packaging tape. Easy, peasy, I thought! Willow didn't vocally respond while watching the video and she had a couple of deep sighs while watching. She didn't tell me what the problem she had with the video and I didn't ask.

The next video I showed Willow was, "How to build a DIY Lemonade Stand" by Kerri Creates.

Little Kerri showed how her dad built her lemonade stand out of several wooden crates, spray paint, and a nail gun. The tabletop of Kerri's stand was decorated with a pitcher of lemonade, napkins, cups, straws, and a delicious-looking tray of lemonade cupcakes and other treats.

Willow exclaimed, "I want my lemonade stand to have some cupcakes!"

"Great," I responded. "We can get some cupcakes from the local grocery bakery and even make our own lemonade icing if you want!"

I don't know what I said that was so wrong, but Willow got upset with my suggestion, so I pivoted and said, "Or we can make our own cupcakes and icing?"

This made Willow even MORE upset. She immediately pulled my bedroom comforter over her head and started making growling noises.


"Honey, I can't help you if you don't use your words and tell me what's the matter. What did I say that was so wrong?"

"You keep asking me QUESTIONS!" she started back.

"Well, if I don't ask you QUESTIONS then how am I supposed to help you and find out what you want to do for your lemonade stand? I am getting annoyed that I am not allowed to ask you any questions, Willow!"

"And I AM getting annoyed that you keep asking me QUESTIONS!"

I threw my hands up and just told myself to let it go. No good deed goes unpunished, it seems.


I finally just told her when she is ready for help, just let me know what she needs from me. My final words to Willow before she grabbed the family cat and walked back to her room was, "I will stop asking you questions but if you don't let me know what you need from me, I cannot help you create your lemonade stand."

She nodded her head yes, turned on her heels, and went to bed. She basically pulled an Analise Keating on me.


So much for THAT brilliant idea!

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