Thinking about moving to Tyler? One person posed the question on the Past Glimpses of Tyler Facebook Page, "I'm thinking of moving to Tyler, TX. What's the best thing about living there?"

Then we were off to the races. If you've never taken the time read comment threads on Facebook posts, you're missing out on some of the greatest entertainment in life. Read on to learn what makes Tyler so great.

Here are some highlights:

Yes, you'll find all these things in Tyler. A few others remarked in the thread, you could call us the "buckle of the Bible Belt."

We love our history in Tyler. Our city works with local non-profits to help maintain our beautiful historic districts, and preserve them for the future.

Have you eaten at Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ, or Bruno's Pizza? Go for lunch and dinner, and we'll help you find a real estate agent while you get the check.

Tyler is truly beautiful, and our city celebrates the natural beauty twice a year. Right now, we are enjoying the Azalea and Spring Flower Trails. In October Tyler will celebrate Rose Season, with the Texas Rose Festival.

Life in the big city comes with added possibility of unrest. Tyler is relatively quiet, and peaceful.

The state of Texas is known for its friendly inhabitants, and Tyler is no different.

The Caldwell Zoo is truly remarkable for a city of Tyler's size. What's the one things visitors should do in Tyler? Visit this zoo.

Yes, we have great hospitals and doctors... we are also close to three East Texas lakes that are loaded with Big Bass!

Still unsure about your move, check out this video, and we'll call the moving truck. You'll see some other highlights that didn't make the comment thread when you follow the link. You'll learn that Tyler has a great Downtown complete with an art gallery, museums and a theater with festivals and events planned year round.

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