"Mix 93-1 keeps going off the air. What's the problem?" That's the question our receptionist has gotten a lot here lately.

The tower here at the studio was struck by lighting on Monday afternoon, and it basically went through our building and did quite a bit of damage. Our engineers have been working around the clock to fix a lot of things that were fried from the power surge.

We've had to order quite a bit of new equipment and that equipment is starting to arrive. As they replace the temporary fixes (that are currently keeping us on the air now), Mix 93-1 will sporadically go on and off the air hopefully for a short time as they replace wires from one box to the next.

The lighting strike also took out the phone system in the Mix studio, so I have no request lines and no way to conduct the Mix 93-1 Super 1 Foods Secret Sound! We have been told the new phone system will arrive on Friday and we'll be ready to resume the Secret Sound Monday morning at 10:55 a.m.

If you're trying to listen to Mix 93-1 online or through the Mix app for your iPhone, Android or Blackberry, hang in there. Our streaming encoding computers are on the list of things to be repaired.

Thanks for being patient with us as we navigate through this as I have never experienced anything like this. Never underestimate the power of Mother Nature.

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