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When you turned on Mix 93-1 this morning or sometime throughout last weekend you probably noticed that the station didn't sound like its normal self, it wasn't as full and robust sounding as it normally is and it was a bit staticky from time to time. Well, you're not the only one that noticed it. We did too!

We're not suffering from pollen allergies!

Although it is pollen season in East Texas and everything is covered in the yellow film, our issue is with our transmitter honestly.

Thanks to the round of storms that blew through East Texas last Thursday night, at some point after 2 a.m. last Friday we lost power at our tower site in Overton. When the power was finally restored and the transmitter tried to come back on, a fuse, switch or something like that blew out and now the transmitter is down until a new part can be ordered. Our engineer knows more about the technical stuff than we do.

So to get Mix 93-1 on the air we are having to broadcast from our alternate tower site in Kilgore. This location gets us on the air, but unfortunately, it doesn't give us the coverage or building penetration that you're used to. Sorry Mt. Pleasant, Palestine, Canton, Marshall, Jefferson, Carthage, Athens, and all of the other outlying cities we enjoy covering and entertaining.

We can't even pick up the signal in our own building in Tyler!

So if you're trying to listen while you work and can't, neither can we.  Our engineer though is working quickly to get the part that isn't working properly to get us back up and running from our main transmitter on our main tower in Overton.

We apologize. In the meantime, don't forget you can always listen to Mix 93-1 in these other ways:

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