When you turn on the radio and tune to 93.1 on your dial, you expect to pick up your favorite station, Mix 93-1, except now it's not there or it's not coming in that clear. It's easy to explain -- tower light maintenance is going on this weekend and on Monday. The tower that the Mix 93-1 antenna is on to broadcast the station is also shared by 101.5 KNUE and Fox 51 TV. The tower is more than 1,000 feet tall and has special beacon lights on it to warn planes there is a tower there!

From time to time those light bulbs burn out and have to be replaced immediately or the station can incur some hefty fines from the FAA and FCC for a non-compliant tower and for a more important reason, safety and lives. We have called in a tower crew who will have to climb the tower to replace the lights and put in new energy efficient longer lasting bulbs. This maintenance was scheduled for last Thursday and Friday but with ice on the tower Thursday and rain Friday the maintenance was postponed to this weekend and Monday.

So from time to time you may not be able to pick up Mix 93-1 and we may be off the air completely because when we are at full power the tower crews cannot be on the tower and risk losing their lives and exposure to extreme radiation near the antennas, so the power that we normally broadcast at is reduced or turned off.

YOU CAN STILL LISTEN TO MIX 93-1 ANYTIME THOUGH, download the free Mix 93-1 app or RadioPup app to your smartphone and listen anytime anywhere or you can stream us online too!

Thanks for listening to Mix 93-1 and for being patient while our engineers and tower crew correct the problem and replace those blinking red lights on our tower.

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