Mix 93-1 is coming in and out and has a lot of static right now, what's going on with the station?

We know how frustrating it is when you're listening to your favorite song and it fades away only to come back a few seconds later or when you're listening to something that the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show is talking about and you miss the best part of the conversation because of static. It's annoying we know. We apologize for the inconvenience and here's a brief reason why it's happening.

Mix 93-1 shares a pretty tall tower in the Overton area with one of our other stations, 101.5 KNUE, along with Fox 51 and another TV station. With so many stations on one tower, work has to be done on the tower from time to time and right now tower crews are working on the Fox 51 antennae and that work has displaced Mix 93-1 from our normal tower! Engineers at Fox 51 notified us about some work that needed to be done to TV antennae on the tower in order to comply with FCC regulations.

Because of this work, Mix 93-1 is now broadcasting from our alternate tower site in Kilgore which does affect our broadcast area. If you normally listen to us in Mt. Pleasant, Carthage, Palestine, Canton, or other outlying areas you're most likely experiencing trouble receiving the station. You could even experience trouble receiving the station in some buildings, like I am in my office!

Tower crews are working on this massive project daily and hope to be back on our main tower and transmitter soon.  We haven't written you off Mt. Vernon, Sulphur Springs, Marshall, Athens and others.  We miss you just as much as you miss us.

You can stay connected with Mix 93-1 by listening to Mix 93-1 online, through the Mix 93-1 mobile app or an Alexa enabled device.

Thanks for hanging in there and for being patient.

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